I am a motivated individual on a mission to spread knowledge and skills to help you get home to your loved ones safely.

I seek to educate the general populace, making the firearms community a more responsible place; creating exemplary ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment. I will source all my materials and training through my experiences with my personal instructors.

Evil, although rare, does exist in this world and you should be prepared for the possibility and not the probability of a violent defensive encounter.

You are your own first responder…

Stay safe

Stay sharp,

Gerald Coates
Owner/Primary Instructor

Teaching a class


Total of 832 Formal Training Hours

  • 624 Hours of Law Enforcement Training, Including 48 Hours of Law Enforcement Firearms Training
  • NRA Pistol, Rifle, Range Safety Officer (NRA Training Page)
  • NC CCH (Concealed Carry Handgun) Instructor
  • USCCA (US Concealed Carry Association) Accredited Instructor
  • Certified Civilian Taser Instructor and Retailer
  • CPR Certified, and severe trauma treatment medical training from Fieldcraft Survival
  • Over 1,200 students trained; including local Wilmington and Federal Officers
  • 2x Graduate of TMACS Inc.
  • T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting)
  • Pat “Patmac” McNamara Instructor
  • Graduate of Massad Ayoob Group, MAG-20 Class “on the user of deadly force in self-defense”
  • Massad Ayoob Instructor
  • Two time Graduate of SHIV Works E.C.Q.C. (Extreme Close Quarters Concepts)
  • Craig Douglas Instructor